Beaver Meadows Tube Hill Safety.
Welcome to Beaver Meadows and thank you for choosing to spend part of your day with us.
You will walk across two bridges to the base of the lift. There you will see the tubes. We have single and double tubes. The single tubes are for the mild runs because they tend to spin more. Double tubes can be used on any run in the park.
Hand the tow strap to the lift attendant, turn and sit in the tube with feet down hill and you go up the lift backwards. If you are by yourself in a double tube you will sit in the front with the leash closer to the operator. At the top an attendant will make sure your unhooked and then you pick out your run.
Always make sure the run is clear before staring down. Exit the run quickly once the tube come to a stop. Watch for other tubers as you walk back the to the lift.
Some tubes have pads for your bum – good for the little ones. Ask for them at the lift shack where you get your tubes. Heavier person sits in the front of the tube. The front has the leash to drag the tube with. Sit in the tube, legs downhill, butt up, feet up and toes together. Don’t drag you feet.
East side or left side as you look at the hill from the meadow, is the milder side, runs are straighter, some with mild curves. First run on the west is also a green run then over to the west are more advanced runs.
What makes Beaver Meadows Tube Hill the best are the runs on the west with steep fast starts banked curves, jumps and it is a lot of fun but you have to stay safe. This is where we are unique with Beaver Plunge, Dead man’s Drop, Lighting and Thunder. We have top and bottom safety monitors most of the time to assist you and your friends and family. Please allow them to help you and they will allow you to do trains on certain runs depending on conditions. We also allow you to ride a double by yourself in the superman position (Laying on the tube holding handles) or of course sitting in the Front tube (Not Back Tube).
When you are ready to slide down the run, Place the tow strap or leash ALL the way, completely inside the tube and sit on it facing downhill, feet up, butt up, toes together, person in back tube places boots to armpits of person in front tube so they do not get kicked in the head, hold on to the handles at all times until the tube stops, no selfies going down please. Ask the safety monitors if you can do trains and on which runs. This can change depending on conditions and if the runs are ready and tested. When doing trains, connect ankles to armpits but need to be big enough to make the connection. The Safety monitors, EMTS and Lift Attendants are there to help. So please do not hesitate to ask them questions.
Cell Phones, keys and valuables go in zipper pockets. Return the Tubes to the lift, please do not leave them sitting out.